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ELC Euringer Leadership Consulting uses executive search and leader scouting to fill key positions and specialists. With our motto: “Strategic Leadership for Results” we work with consistent commitment to achieve optimal results for our clients and candidates.

Every new appointment is an entrepreneurial opportunity for an effective contribution to the further development of the company!

Our passion is the search and recruitment of personalities for key functions. These contribute significantly to the current success and future development of the company.

This includes finding specialists with potential for more advanced roles and tasks.

Our services are based on methods and procedures that have been tried and tested over many years. We continue to develop these further and thereby maintain our position in the upper quality segment of the executive search market.

It is crucial that key personalities develop strong leverage in their respective roles. The extent of the leverage that can be generated depends crucially on the personality, i.e. the character, of a manager.

Strategic objectives as well as the cultural values of an organization are the potential driver for opportunities & risks of a personality in terms of performance, personal fulfillment and career.

The quality-oriented recruitment of specialists and executives thus requires an intensive study of potential candidates with regard to their character. A precise understanding of the client and the role to be filled in the strategic and organisational context is essential with regard to the potential and fit of a personality.

Executive Search is therefore not only a process of structured analysis with efficient procedures and instruments as tools of the trade of the result-oriented consultant. The challenge lies in the conclusive interpretation of the overall system with regard to the cause-effect relationships. The coherent overall picture alone provides a sound basis for decision-making. This includes the identification of opportunities and risks of a potential appointment as well as the comparative assessment of alternatives.

Quality-oriented Executive Search is sustainably dependent on the personality, management experience and seniority of the acting consultant.

Executive Search & Leader Scouting

Entrepreneurial succession, managing directors, board members, executives, specialists, supervisory and advisory boards

Executive Search

      • The successful search and acquisition of the best candidates at decision-maker level requires the top segment of personnel consulting.
      • ELC – Euringer Leadership Consulting is a quality provider in this market segment. We act as ambassadors for our clients in the high-quality approach of qualified personalities.
      • Strong and successful personalities expect to be talked to at eye level. All ELC partners have themselves held extensive management responsibility in international business and handle the projects personally.
      • For our clients as well as for candidates, discretion, trust and reliability are the relevant core success factors in the recruitment process.
      • We have developed efficient methods and processes to make decisions for companies and individuals in a stringent and comprehensible manner while safeguarding the respective interests.
Otto Wesendonck: Feuervogel im Spiegel von Helios

Otto Wesendonck:
Firebird in the mirror of Helios

The ELC diamond model is the basis
for a high-quality filling
of a key position.

With our detailed exposés, we set the industry benchmark for accurate and comprehensible decisions.

ELC - Euringer Leadership Consulting, Potential/Role Excellence Matrix

Clear profile of requirements and understanding of roles:

The ELC Diamond Model is one of our USPs in the quality-oriented executive search market. It enables the analysis and determination of a staffing task in the organisational context, taking into account potential opportunities and risks. In this way, a task or function becomes a leadership role with clear goals.

The coherence of the requirement profile determines the level of approach, the quality of selection and thus the quality of staffing in the long term.
For our clients as well as for our candidates, clarity regarding a leadership role is indispensable in order to enable a well-founded decision as well as a professional cooperation on both sides.

Neutral and sustainable staffing decision:

The success of our candidates is important for sustainable appointments. Therefore, we take the time to match the company situation and leadership role with the competence profile and individual goals and ideas of our candidates.

As a complementary window for our assessment, we use scientifically based psychometric procedures, about which there is an open exchange.

In the meaningful ELC exposé, we comprehensively develop the competence and performance level as well as the leadership potential of candidates in a comparative assessment. We identify strengths and abilities as well as possible areas for development and risk factors for both the company and the candidate.

We realize a comparative assessment of candidates and their respective specific impact on performance and implications for the role to be filled.

Our openness and clarity towards candidates and companies enables both sides to make decisions with certainty, as well as mutual respect and understanding for each other, irrespective of a match in a specific case.

Leader Scouting

Leader Scouting ermöglicht die zeitgerechte Realisierung geplanter Nachfolgen
auf Schlüsselpositionen mit höchster Besetzungsqualität.

Leader Scouting is a robust executive search option for key functions as part of a mid-term leader investment planning process.

Leader Scouting can also cover the sudden loss of a personality in a key position.

Establishment of leader pools

By building up a position-specific leader pool, we are already looking for candidates to fill positions in the medium term, e.g. due to a regulated succession.

In the leader pool, we actively mentor and develop candidates for their future roles.


1.) The early search significantly increases the achievable candidate potential.

2.) The active pool support over time allows a deeper insight into the personality, performance and cultural fit of a candidate.

3.) The ongoing optimization of the pool increases the achievable staffing quality.

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