The continuous development of our knowledge of leadership issues is an essential concern for us in order to ensure competent advice for our clients and candidates.
To this end, we continuously conduct small but targeted research projects, the results of which flow into our consulting work.

This helps to secure our competitive position in the quality segment of the executive search and leadership consulting market, where we are positioned in the “avant-garde” segment.

We publish regularly on the results of our research and development activities.

Ongoing project: Leadership culture & leadership style

In our current leadership research project, we conduct an anonymous annual survey to determine both the type and implementation status of leadership culture and leadership style in companies based on our 4F/8K Leadership Model and the long-term development trends.

Management & Leadership (2019): Success through the right mix on key functions.

The successful company has a leadership team on the key functions, which includes management skills for managing the existing business with leveraging productivity potentials and leadership skills for identifying and realizing opportunities and leading the organization into future business.

Our two-page summary sums up the connection between key positions and the six basic types of management/leadership positioning of a leader according to the ©®ELC Management/Leadership Matrix.

The Quintessence of Leadership: The ELC 4F/8K Leadership Model (2016)

Published in 2016, it describes the four foundations (4F) and eight forces (8K) of global leadership excellence.

A 24-page breviary and résumé that succinctly answers the question of what makes companies truly successful and how leadership works.

HR Compliance in Germany (2014): Result of the survey of listed companies of the M-Dax, S-Dax and Tec-Dax

In April 2014, as part of an “HR Compliance Initiative”, we conducted a brief survey on the status of HR compliance implementation in German listed companies and a further 43 companies.