Herausforderung & Chance

  • Regional exzellent positionierte Kanzlei
  • Umfassende Beratung klein- und mittelständischer Kunden
  • Partnerschaftliche Teamarbeit
  • Standort:  Raum Ulm
  • Echte Partnerschaft
  • Wirtschaftlich gesunde Mandanten
  • Berufliche Stabilität

What you’ll do

You’ll work in teams of typically 3 – 5 consultants, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement. This includes gathering and analyzing information, formulating and testing hypotheses, and developing and communicating recommendations. You’ll also have the opportunity to present results to client management and implement recommendations in collaboration with client team members.

Junior Associates receive exceptional training as well as frequent coaching and mentoring from colleagues on their teams. This support includes a Partner from your local office or practice assigned to you to help guide your career as well as up to five weeks of formal training in your few years. Additionally, you’ll receive guidance and support from your local office or practice in the selection of client projects, helping you to develop your skills and build your network.

While all consultants develop specialized knowledge and a focused program as they progress with Advice, most are initially very broad in their focus, meaning they do not need specific industry or functional expertise to be successful. For consultants who join Advice as experienced professionals, this can mean building on previous knowledge or developing unique experience in an area that is completely new.