Our LEADERSHIP ENGINE enables our clients with the help of our tailor-made products to sustainably improve their strategic and operational performance by linking human resources and strategy for a goal:




for corporate success:



The LEADERSHIP ENGINE describes the essential levers for the future success of the company.


The internal components are strategy, key functions, HR potential, culture & values, and governance processes.

This inner circle is the dynamo regulated by personalities to generate energy and power in the core processes (= outer circle) for a goal:



The outer ring of the LEADERSHIP ENGINE shows the core processes of strategic-operational leadership: business model, innovation, customer/sales and process excellence.


With our service and product portfolio we work on the reinforcing effect of the dynamo (“inner circle”), i.e. on the leadership components for sustainable corporate success.

We are solution partners in STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP FOR RESULTS.

Leadership Engine:

The identification of the competitive levers for tomorrow’s success and their active management enables the further development of the strategic positioning.


We develop a common basic understanding and use this to determine the effects on the management organisation and the competencies required to shape the future.


Strategic HR planning defines concrete measures to close potential gaps at different levels.


Leadership Engine:
Key functions


Key functions are responsible for successfully shaping the future and ensuring operational performance today.


Based on the strategy, what are my key functions and their form of contribution in the present and for the future?


Our Leader Investment Plan presents the key positions with status and fields of action over time, thereby answering the core questions:




Are the key positions optimally staffedtoday and for future challenges ?
2.) What are the future competency profiles for the positions?
3.) What measures do I need to take today to further develop the quality of staffing for the future in key functions?
4.) What contingency plan do I have in the event of a short-term absence in a key position, especially one with a very specific skill set?




Leadership Engine:

What is the composition of my executive portfolio of high potentials, talents, etc.?


Do the individual potentials and goals coincide with the goals and possibilities of the company?



Are the self-image and external image of the managers congruent and do the individually agreed further development measures reflect the actual personal needs, particularly in the area of personality development?


Our methods and tools in the area of
support the determination and further development of HR potentials.

Leadership Engine:
Culture & Values


Leadership and performance culture have a lasting effect on the performance and competitiveness of a company.


Leadership and performance culture unfold within the framework of existing corporate culture and vision-compatible core values and manifest themselves in the daily actions of leaders.


Does the existing leadership and performance culture represent a comparative advantage over competitor companies?

What are the core values and are these consciously developed further for the target culture via culture-enhancing factors?

Leadership Engine:
HR Governance

Companies need effective governance to support their strategic development:


We analyse the quality of the composition of the supervisory/advisory board with regard to the competencies required for the challenges of the present/future, and

support in the strategy-oriented staffing of a supervisory/advisory body ofhigh quality with regard to the requirements.


Management organization and systems support the realization of the strategy in the context of the intended culture & value goals.



Recruitment assessments
keep staffing quality high in terms of compliance by involving an external expert. Potential conflicts of interest or internal staffing pressures of the hiring manager are absorbed, all in the spirit of the culture/values and competency goals.

We implement effective solutions in STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP for our clients in a context-based and comprehensible manner.


With the building blocks of our LEADERSHIP ENGINE we work for the core of the company, which becomes the dynamo for generating results.

And we realize the effective interaction between the core and the shell of the company in the environment of the market and strategic goals.


Core and shellOtto Wesendonck, core and shell, bronze moved by wind and water

Our methods and tools have been developed by experienced top managers and consultants and hit the spot.


Owner-managed, we do not have any limiting external conditions or a focus on quarterly results.

We focus on the consulting success for our clients through transparent and comprehensible results for our value proposition and the sustainable development of our business.


We are interested in providing high-quality advice to demanding clients and implementing effective solutions.

For the future of the next generation…



Dr. Peter Euringer

An inappropriate statement in a business context?

It may seem so at first, but we are concerned with the further development of companies and personalities. And what would all this development be without future generations? Why all our efforts?


So only one thing can be true:

Through our actions, the development of our potential and that of companies, society and its descendants should “benefit”: the true core of leadership.



…and there is a magic in every beginning
(Hermann Hesse)




Our leadership consulting is based on a holistic and proven concept.

The holistic understanding enables an increased quality of results in our services.


strategy is a necessary prerequisite for determining the key functions for the future success of the company.

Key functions shape the future…


The required contribution of a key function decisively defines the recruitment strategy as well as the competencies and personality profile of the most suitable candidate!

The realization of one’s potentials and talents is the “natural” duty of the individual and the treasury of the company.

Culture & values are the blood pressure and pulse of the organization!

Governance – not Compliance !