We advise and staff committees on the basis of our own committee experience!

Special challenges apply to supervisory and advisory boards in medium-sized companies and in medium-sized group structures.

Against the background of the role and task of the body, we realise the composition of supervisory/advisory boards with consideration of shareholder interests, company situation and the strategic goals to be realised.

Our fields of activity

Committee membership
Effective mix of characters and competencies for team performance
Board performance
Situation assessment and development recommendations on role, expectations, committee culture and overall performance
Expert network
Situational involvement of specific technical expertise for committee decisions outside the normal business framework: We bring the right 'heads' together.

Our methodology

Overall board competence

(Overall) board competence arises from the right mix of competencies and personalities of the board members.

Not only the rounding off of existing competences, but especially personality (e.g. integrity, independence) is decisive for an independent support of the company and management.

The goal is for each board member to be an asset to the board’s mission and role, thus providing a foundation for board performance.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the board's role vis-à-vis the company's management and the shareholder himself. The role to be performed defines tasks and areas of competence for the composition of the board.

In the range of tasks of “supervision” and “council”, there is a basic typology of boards depending on the shareholder interests/structure. Board compositions are made on the basis of this positioning and associated goals.

ELC Strategic Experts Board

Our Strategic Experts Board, consisting of managers and supervisory board members with business responsibility, is a discussion partner for our clients with well-founded industry and business expertise.

My passion is the strategic support and further development of start-ups and medium-sized companies in the biotech and medtech sector.

Strategic Leadership by ELC


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