ELC answers to what extent a leadership personality or a leadership team meets the current and future requirements of a task. We identify existing potentials and mirror the industry benchmark. Essential is the consideration of the lived leadership and performance culture and possible transformation goals.
We complement this with the assessment of the realizable potential of a personality and provide concrete recommendations for further development.

As a neutral expert, we provide input to back up promotion or recruitment decisions or for internal personnel development planning. We identify the clout and potential of an entire management team with concrete individual development recommendations and identify the key functions according to the requirements of the strategy.

The method we use is internationally proven. It was developed jointly with the Harvard Business School and supplemented by us in the area of culture and values evaluation.

The underlying competency model can be flexibly integrated into a client’s existing model. We also adapt the depth and type of implementation of the potential audit depending on the requirements.
It is important that all parties involved communicate openly about goals and possible effects.

ELC Management Audits and Application Options

Leadership Potential Audit
We assess individual leaders as well as leadership teams in terms of overall performance based on their personality as well as management and leadership competencies in the respective cultural setup.
Recruiting Audit
The neutral appraisal prior to promotion or hiring enables the adjustment of one's own appraisal rounds without any internal influencing variables. It enables the hiring of the best choice and also identifies aspects for onboarding and further development.
pre-investment audit
Prior to an investment or purchase of a company, we take a discrete look at the staffing of the existing management levels. This enables an initial assessment in terms of overall management strength and the estimation of the time and cost required to leverage the potential associated with the transaction.
Development audit
The result is the strengthening of the existing management team by identifying individual development opportunities and measures derived from them.
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Verlust strategischer Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und operativer Leistungsfähigkeit

The cost of less than optimal staffing at the board or 1st management level is enormous. They usually exceed multi-year compensation claims by far.

The effects are manifold:

      • Performance deficits of employees, peers and especially supervisors!
      • Insufficient strategic development of the area of responsibility
      • Cultural implications in the work environment
      • Lost employees, customers and suppliers

Types of costs of misplacements

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